Find emotional freedom with EFT

Find emotional freedom with EFT

Breaking news! I have just discovered that Michael Ball was recently seen on Loose Women, the day time chat show, demonstrating how EFT tapping on his acupressure points gives him freedom from pre-performance nerves!.

One more in a long line of celebrities who are using EFT tapping (emotional freedom technique) to help calm their anxieties, lose weight, boost confidence and improve their  performance on stage.

Sports professionals too are catching on to the power of emotional freedom technique.  As highlighted in last weeks Telegraph article on emotional freedom technique, American PGA players have been spotted on the golf course tapping away on themselves.

Not quite at PGA standard yet, but having used tapping on my Dad for his golfing handicap, he regularly now plays below his handicap and has stunned fellow players with his ‘overnight’ improved performance on the golf course… out Tiger Woods!

Even Womens Health magazine featured an article on how emotional freedom technique gives relief from stress, improves energy levels, strengthens the immune system and helps you to lose weight.

As no stranger to the power of tapping I have the pleasure of witnessing my clients find emotional freedom everyday from long standing insecurities, anxiety, self doubt and low self esteem to name but a few.  Yet what gives me the most pleasure from seeing articles like those featured in the Telegraph, is that EFT is making it into the mainstream media and if it takes celebrities like Michael Ball to help promote the benefits on day time TV, all the better!

Here is a technique simple enough that a child can learn it, yet gives such powerful emotional freedom  from negative emotion, painful memories and empowers people to feel happier and healthier.  My best friend used it recently when she went into labor to help ease her contractions; another friend used it prior to an interview to help calm her mind and keep her focused; another used it on her negative thought patterns and I used it yesterday to stop myself from worrying about something unnecessary.

It is the modern day wonder and proves that the power to change your life really is at your fingers tips…….

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