Don’t let this one limiting belief hold you back

Don’t let this one limiting belief hold you back

“I feel something shifted with my thinking on our last session. There were so many things you said that have really stuck with me and opened my eyes to how my brain and thoughts work. It feels life changing.”


What’s the number 1 breakthrough which, when you achieved it, would have the biggest impact on your life in 2023?

Having held THOUSANDS of one to one sessions over the last decade, the biggest breakthrough I observe in people (and myself!) that has THE ability to create a complete transformation in someones life, is changing a limiting belief.

That’s because those conditioned habitual thought patterns that have formed limiting beliefs are what will trip you up every time.

That’s because as humans we are operating from the level of the subconscious mind over 95% of the time and it’s the subconscious mind which, along with everything else is where all our limiting beliefs are stored. 

Those beliefs can be about anything! From your relationship with money to believing you’ll never meet the love of your life, to believing that you haven’t got what it takes to be successful, fit, slim, a published author, to set up your own business, make millions, launch your own podcast – the list goes on!

And that’s why when it comes to making your dreams and goals come true it feels HARD WORK! That’s because you have this whacking great obstacle in the form of a belief creating conflict and holding you back.

If you really want to create a breakthrough in 2023 I invite you to identify any blind spots in the form of your biggest self limiting belief! Identifying your most dominant belief, bringing it out into the open means you are aware! And the more aware you are of something the better!

Below is a series of powerful questions that will lead you to your top limiting belief! 

Identify Your Top Limiting Belief!

Pull out your journal or get a piece of paper and put aside about 15 to 20 minutes to go through these questions. Answer from your heart, your first response. Don’t over think this!

1. What’s your biggest block or challenge that is stopping you from bringing your intentions to life? i.e. fear of being criticised, procrastination, lack of money, burnout, fear of the unknown, not enough time etc

2. What do you complain about most? And who do you blame the most when you complain? i.e. family members, your boss, the economy, the government?

3. What’s the biggest worry you have? i.e. money, health concerns, being rejected

4. What do you need to let go of in order to bring your intensions to life? i.e. procrastination, lack of confidence, lack of self belief, the need for control

5. What are you most scared about?

6. If you had a magic wand and could magic away ONE problem in your life what would it be and why?

7. Do you feel you deserve to be successful, abundant, happy and loved? And if not, why not?

8. What’s your favourite reason you give for why you’ve not achieved your goals so far? i.e. children, lack of time, it’s not the right time, too old, single parent?

9. What makes you feel insecure? i.e. your weight, lack of money, what others think of you, a disability, other peoples success or money

10. If I don’t reach my goals it’s probably because of ……(fill in the blank!)

11. What’s your worst case scenario from going all in and bringing your intension to life?

12. My top 3 emotions when I think about money are….i.e. fear, insecurity, scarcity, panic, lack

13. What’s the most dominating thought you have about yourself? i.e. not good enough, I’m too much/loud for people, I’ve got nothing to offer, I’m too young/old, no-one will take me seriously, I don’t know enough

Now you have got your answers, go back through them and circle or underline the top 3 things that come up again and again in your responses.

Now you have your TOP 3 SELF LIMITING BELIEFS!

At this point you might be freaking out thinking argh how am I ever going to achieve that I want if  have these whacking great limiting beliefs!

Rest assured, now that they are out in the open, this is a GOOD thing, because awareness is soooooo key!

And a belief, no matter how long you have believed it, CAN 100% BE CHANGED!

A belief is ONLY a thought, it’s just that you have bought into that thought.  It’s a story you have told yourself so many times you’ve accepted as truth and now it’s like a piece of software in the operating system.  This might even be the first time you realise what’s been running the show and why you’ve repeated the same patterns of behaviour again and again and again…..!

You are the creator of your reality and now it’s time to change the story!

Which belief to release?

Now you have your top 3 limiting beliefs, look at these and decide which would make the BIGGEST impact if you were to release it? 

It doesn’t matter which one you choose because, like a house of cards, they are all interconnected and once you release your biggest limiting belief the others will start to fall down too!

Make 2023 your most powerful year yet!

It’s time to start 2023 from a place of feeling powerful, empowered, strong, confident, resourceful, secure and so much more!

That’s why – if you‘re committed to making 2023 your biggest, most abundant, and exciting BREAKTHROUGH year ever… it’s time to take action!

Book a free consultation now to discover how, together, we can transform your mind set and make 2023 your most powerful year yet!

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