A new leash on life

A new leash on life

Welcome to 2014…..

When you go on holiday somewhere, how do you decide what to take?  If you are heading for sunny climates the likelihood is you pack your summer clothes.  You may purchase a few new items such as a summer skirt or a pair of shorts.  You choose items of clothing that look and feel good on you.  You think about where you are going, what you are going to be doing and you pack accordingly. 

You don’t take everything with you because you know you don’t need the entire contents of your wardrobe or every book you own.  You may never have been to your destination before, but you trust that you will arrive in the right country when you get on the plane.  You look forward with a giddy sense of anticipation about what delights you are going to experience.  The sights you will see, the food you will taste, the people you may meet.  You look forward to having a good time even though you have not yet arrived.

Life can also be seen as a journey and as we now revel in 2014 it’s time to pack your bags for a new start, a new leash on life.  Decide what you really need to take on your journey into the unknown.  The less you pack, the further you will go.  Take stock of old anxieties and beliefs that will just weigh you down.  Think of the people who may no longer serve a purpose in your life and only slow you down or prevent you from reaching your destination.

You may have already set out in your mind where you are going to stop off and which paths you are going to take.  Sometimes you may question if you are on the right path and heading in the right direction.  Look for the signs you are on the right path.  Conversations you have with people, signposts, songs on the radio, even a paper bag with things written on the side can be a sign from the Universe that you are going in the right direction.  

Tune into your subconscious mind.  Even a gentle flicker of an idea, an awareness of a need or desire or a glimmer of inspiration are all signs from the Universe preparing you for what it wants you to do or receive.

A new journey has begun, let it be magical, let it unfold.


If you feel you need help working through some blocks you are experiencing at the moment, or if you feel something has been stirred up reading this you need support, Sara can work with you 1 to 1 or over Skype to help you move forward with your life. Email her at sara@saramaudehypnotherapy.com to make an appointment.

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