40 day EFT tapping challenge

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40 day EFT tapping challenge

It’s the end of the World Tapping Summit and what a glorious 10 days it has been! Mind body experts such as Carol Look, Bruce Lipton, Karl Dawson (my EFT trainer!), Jack Canfield, Dr Wayne Dyer and many more all coming together to talk about the power EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has to create positive shifts in the mind, heal old emotional scars, bust limiting beliefs and physically change the physiology of the body.

Anybody who knows me knows how passionate I am about EFT. Stand still for long enough and I will start tapping on you! I have witnessed with my own eyes the sheer magic EFT has created within my clients and in my personal life. I remain in awe of the power of this incredibly simple technique to create shifts in minutes. Issues that people have been battling with for years, perhaps even their whole life, gone in a session of EFT.

I regularly use EFT in my own life to access my creativity when writing, help me get through mental blocks when I am running, or even to give me a sense of focus and concentration if I am feeling distracted. That’s the joy of EFT – it can be used in so many ways to enhance people’s lives.

I was therefore delighted to see the World Tapping Summit set a 40 day tapping challenge. Every day for 40 days people have to set aside 15 minutes to tap on themselves. The idea being that in those 40 days people clear old emotional memories or issues that are holding them back. A bit like lent – instead of giving up chocolate for 40 days, tap on yourself for 40 days and I guarantee the results will be far greater than stopping yourself from scoffing chocolate!  If Jesus could last 40 days in the wilderness then I’m sure many of us can tap on ourselves 15 minutes a day for 40 days!

Imagine how squeaky clean, energised, bouncy and positive you will feel after 40 days!  That could be 40 old issues gone from your life! Why 15 minutes? Whilst I have seen my clients create shifts in minutes with my help, when tapping on your own your mind can often be distracted.  Setting aside 15 minutes allows you to tune into what you are working on and provides more opportunity to get to the root of the problem.  If you only spend a couple of minutes doing a few half baked rounds of tapping then you aren’t going to yield the results you want.  Everyone can find 15 minutes in their day, even if it’s a case of setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier.  It doesn’t matter when in the day you do your 15 minutes of tapping, as long as you do it – every day!

There’s lots of information on the Tapping Solution website about EFT and how to tap.

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