3 ways to create mindful mornings

3 ways to create mindful mornings

Now that the clocks have changed and waking up feels like it is still midnight, I have found I have to be even more mindful than normal on a morning to set my day off on the right tone.

When it’s still dark it’s easy to find yourself rolling out of bed, night swimming as you stumble around trying to find the light switches.  Effectively plunging yourself into your day without any conscious thought or intention of how your day is going to be.

Have you heard the expression ‘it’s going to be one of those days’?.  True enough, if you don’t start your day with the right outlook and mind-set, then you may indeed find yourself having ‘one of those days’.

While I can’t do much about the dark, here are 3 simple ways for you to create a more mindful morning…

1. Set your intention for the day.  When you wake up before you do anything at all, simply lie there and take a moment to set the intention of what a good day today is going to be. I say silently to myself ‘something amazing is going to happen to me today’ – and yes, it usually does!

2. Be grateful.  Take a minute to think about what you are grateful for. Having ran a marathon to raise money for a homeless charity, I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to wake up outside on the pavement. So I always do my best to remember to give a thought to how grateful I am to wake up in my nice warm bed. I also have a gratitude journal which I jot down a few other things I am grateful for in on a morning over a cup of tea, such as my health, my amazing friends or things that have happened the previous day or that I have to look forward to that day.

3. Create a power hour! To really get me going and set the tone for the day I create a power hour! A whole hour to do something that gets my energy and my vibration going in the right way. As I’m now training for my third marathon (yes I do need therapy!), I often go for a run and while I am running I will visualise having the conversations or meetings I want to have that day or I will simply practice being mindful and soaking up the amazing views of the Edinburgh skyline.  Or if my bed has held me hostage (it happens you know!) and I can’t quite get up as early as I set my alarm, I will put on my mind movie (like a vision board but a power point version) and whack on some music and dance around my bedroom singing and playing out my mind movie – I really am a TED speaker in my mind!

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