3 steps to stop comparing yourself to others

3 steps to stop comparing yourself to others

An apple tree is an apple tree. It doesn’t worry about being a pear tree, because it knows it’s an apple tree and it does a fine job of producing apples.

Similarly there is only one of you. You can’t be someone else. Because then you wouldn’t be you.

Why is it then that being you is never enough? We have all been there. Comparing ourselves endlessly to other people. Looking at others who ‘appear’ more successful and thinking that’s not you. Wondering what it would be like to be someone else. Ignoring all the wonderful facets that make up you the moment you see someone who has something you want. Forgetting all the incredible things you have achieved in the blink of an eye when you receive a marketing email from someone out there offering the kind of service or goods you have dreamed and feeling the green eyed monster sitting on your shoulder, because you aren’t the one out there doing it.  

Thinking you would be happy being you if only you looked like her over there with slightly longer legs and slightly bigger boobs.

The list is endless.  

I have in the past, been as guilty as the next person for drawing empty comparisons. I say empty because when we really think about it, what can ever be gained from comparing ourselves to others? It’s like comparing apples with pears.  Now and again you may find yourself comparing your life to those less fortunate and send a blessing of gratitude out to the Universe.  But more often than not you are comparing yourself to people that have something you haven’t, so it’s a no win situation.

I don’t confess to be perfect and say I never ever draw comparisons, especially when I see someone with long flowing sleek locks and I look like my hair has been dragged through a hedge backwards. However that aside, through my own journey I have recognised that drawing comparisons with others only achieves one thing. It makes me feel rubbish.  

So here’s my 3 step guide to stop comparing yourself to others and come into alignment with all that you are and celebrate being you!.

I love me because……

Make a list of all the reasons you love yourself.  This may be anything from your sense of humour, your culinary skills in the kitchen, your ability to really listen to people, your generosity, your smile…..anything at all.  Equally ask the people in your life to tell you why they love you – you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at just how many wonderful things they have to say about you.  Put your list someone you can see it every day to remind yourself of why you love you and more importantly – why being you is amazing.

Get into gratitude

Think of 3 things every day that you feel grateful for.  All too often we fail to see the wood for the tress and consider what we have already got to feel grateful for because we are too busy comparing our lives and ourselves to others.  By practicing the art of gratitude daily you will raise your vibration which makes you feel more abundant, and find with time, that there is less of a need to draw comparisons with other people.

Write down your achievements

Sometimes we can be so busy looking at what we haven’t achieved, that we don’t take note of what we have achieved.  What are you most proud of?  What have you done that has made a difference to other peoples lives or a difference to the world?  How have you grown as a person?What places in the world have you been lucky to travel to? Maybe you have run a  marathon and raised money for charity? Or perhaps you have raised a family you are proud of.  No matter how big or small, write down your achievements in a journal so that you can remind yourself when you need it, of just how much you have achieved.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


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