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Law of Attraction | Release to allow

by Sara Maude on January 3, 2018

in Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

I love the whole idea and understanding of the Law of Attraction. Ever since I read the Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield, when I was 25 I have been fascinated by the Laws of the Universe and anything ‘energy’ related. No great surprise I ended up working with energy techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting.

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne helped to create a more mainstream understanding of the laws of quantum physics and all things energy, enabling people world wide to understand the concept of conscious creation and manifestation.

Yet despite understanding that we can have what ever we want, most of us are still not out there living the lives that we desire. Why not? The art of manifesting requires a little more than simply ‘asking’ for things to show up.

Often we are holding onto something which is preventing us from letting in our hearts desires. But nature loves a vacuum and when we release something the Universe will always plug the gap with something better. I only have to look at old boyfriends to know this to be true!

If you want to manifest something into your own life then look at what you may be holding onto that needs releasing to allow in the new…..

Create the right environment

Have a look around your home. Go to each room and sit in the space allowing yourself to get a feel for it. How does it feel? Is it cluttered and full of old things you are holding onto ‘just in case’?. How do you feel about the furniture? Do you like it or are you making do? Does each room reflect you or the you ten years ago?

Your home is a sacred space and if it doesn’t make you feel good when you are in it then there’s a strong chance this will affect your energy and what you are allowing in. Throw away your clutter! Give things you haven’t used to the charity shop. Question why you are holding on to things and whether you truly need them.


People find they hold on to old relationship for fear of letting go. People come into our lives for a reason, but they don’t always need to stay around. We are constantly evolving and we can out grow people. If you keep yourself surrounded by people who don’t make you feel good or float your boat, maybe it is time to cut loose.

Romantic relationships are a good example of this, when we hold onto one another for fear of being alone or the fear we may not meet someone else. This was a painful lesson I have learnt where in years gone by I should have cut loose a lot sooner because something better always did come along.


The same applies! The fear of not finding something else can have us kept in jobs we no longer like or care about.

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Sara Maude is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and EFT practitioner based in Edinburgh providing both 1 - 1 and Skype sessions internationally. Sara provides problem-free therapy which goes deep into the heart of the subconscious mind to create powerful long lasting change.Follow Sara on Google+

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