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"I first met Sara in 2016 for hypnotherapy, as I had been struggling to process thoughts of adverse childhood experiences and I can honestly say Sara helped me overcome many negative emotions that kept creeping back into my life, hypnosis helped me conquer those emotions and I still feel stronger to this day. I recently signed up to Sara's Wellbeing Portal which is full of of helpful tools we can use to stay focussed, even though I have mostly been supported by Sara virtually in recent months, it has been a very welcomed intervention where I have learned a lot: tapping for example is a tool I can now use to help me feel in control when facing life hurdles, and helping me to appreciate life's blessings."
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The Beginners Wellbeing Package

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The advanced wellbeing package

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the master wellbeing package

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transform your life with tapping

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I have found the Master well-being package a brilliant asset. It's useful to have instant access to resources that can help improve and protect mental well-being. The video demonstrations are clear and instructive and can be watched again & again as and when needed.
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create a new mind set package

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"Sara's EFT course was so welcomed at the beginning of the COVID19 lockdown and the accompanying Wellbeing Portal with the wealth of resources and videos are now essential as part of maintaining not only my mental health but my physical wellbeing too. There are seven clear zones for support with general advice, meditations, tapping examples and additional resources to chose from, all offering excellent information and examples. Thoroughly recommend connecting with Sara and having her calm explanations reassure you and point you in the right direction for holistic healing."
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