My Philosophy On Change

My personal philosophy on change is one of insights – the light bulb ah-ha moments that enable you to experience a shift in the inner landscape of your mind.

What that doesn’t involve is you raking over your past! I don’t need you to tell me all about your past and the pain, hurt or traumas you’ve experienced to create long-term transformation.  Trust me I don’t need to know your life history! My approach is one of not looking at the past, and focusing on the power of your mind to create a new future.

Clients are so happy to hear that they don’t need to tell ‘their story’ and can instead focus on what they want to create.

I’m highly intuitive and sense beyond the words you use to spot patterns and hidden beliefs that are at play that have been holding you back. I’ll also use my skills as a coach to create clarity on your dream result.

The relationship between us is super important, and I only take on people who I feel are the right fit.

Here are some indicators we will be a great fit…

  • You have a sense of humour!
  • You want the most from your life
  • You have taken the time to think about what you want to achieve in working together
  • You are spiritual with a fascination with energy, the Quantum Field, the Universe and manifestation
  • You love looking up at the stars and contemplating what life is all about
  • You are invested in your personal development and love learning
  • You have a love of books, audibles and podcasts that expand your mind
  • You are committed to a journey of change and will put in 100%
  • You are open to new techniques
  • You love Enid Blyton’s books!
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Is this The approach for me?

Sparkles 2728You’re on a quest to break through the limitations you have in the form of self-worth, imposter syndrome, and not feeling good enough

Sparkles 2728 You want to live your best life but the ego keeps pulling you back into fear, anxiety and insecurity

Sparkles 2728 You have goals and desires and have had enough of playing small – you are ready for change!

Sparkles 2728 You are ready to leave the past in the past and focus on creating a new future


Sparkles 2728 You have had enough of anxiety ruling your life and want peace of mind and your freedom back

Sparkles 2728 You feel stuck and are not where you want to be in life and want to experience deep lasting change to make a quantum leap

Sparkles 2728 You want someone to guide you on this journey, challenge your thinking, pull out your limiting beliefs and achieve your biggest dreams

Sparkles 2728 You are ready to commit 100% to your journey