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Tapping and hypnosis for stress

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Am I stressed?

If you are looking for help with stress relief, then chances are you already know the answer to that question!

However, here are some further questions that can help you decide you need help…

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Is it a struggle to focus and concentrate?

Do you find it hard to retain information?

Does it feel like your mind is on overdrive and it’s impossible to switch off?

Have you been reaching for sugar to keep you going?

Are you drinking more alcohol than usual as a way to relax you?

Do you feel overwhelmed, like you are just keeping your head above water?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of these questions, chances are you are stressed and need help.

Stress is part of being human and it is natural to experience feeling stressed from time to time when the pressure is on and you have lots of plates to keep spinning.

The body can cope with short bursts of stress, and sometimes a little stress can focus the mind to get something done. However if stress is becoming a recurring event for you or you have chronic stress, then it is time to take action and get help.

Stress was only ever designed to be short term.  Think back to hunter gatherer days and you needed the bodies in built stress response – known as the fight and flight response – to survive.

In todays world, threats to your survival come in the form of managers, delayed trains, financial worry, redundancy, relationship issues or illness to name a few.

Any level of stress has a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

The long-term effects of stress include;

Panic attacks

Post traumatic stress

Anxiety attacks

Breathlessness, chest pain

Heart disease and problems with blood pressure

Gut malfunction (poor absorption, persistent diarrhoea, constipation of IBS)

More prone to illness

Problems with short term memory and inability to concentrate or focus

Poor appetite

Tendency to be over sensitive, emotional and unable to put situations into context

Insomnia or general sleeping problems

Rumination of thoughts leading to mental and physical exhaustion

Mental illness

Working together, you will find stress relief in the short and long term by;

Understanding the neuroscience of stress, how to recognise the signs and how to prevent stress in the long term

Receiving tapping and hypnosis to address the root cause of the stress

Stabalise your emotions by understanding the link between mood and food

Learn how to manage any stress with specific techniques

Developing your resilience

Improving your quality of sleep

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