It’s that time of the year when most people contact a hypnotherapist and say ‘help me to stop smoking’! .  Yet for anyone who has tried to stop smoking using any other method, you will know it isn’t an easy job.

Myself and Jill Wootton, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist have teamed up to design this free 8 part series to give people the right information, advice and support and help to stop smoking and stay stopped.

We have had the experience of stopping thousands of people smoking with the use of hypnosis and throughout the free programme you will be sent a series of emails giving you some of the best of our experience including;

  •  The science behind why you become addicted to smoking
  • Squashing those smoking myths
  • How to stop smoking without putting on weight
  • Dealing with the fear of smoking smoking
  • How hypnosis can allow you to stop in one simple, natural session and stay stopped
  • How to relax with our free hypnotic downloads

There are lots of ways you can stop smoking, many of which you have probably tried several times before, but what’s the best way for you to stop?

Naturally as hypnotherapists we are biased!  However that is because we have witnessed the power of hypnosis with all the people who have passed through our doors who have stopped smoking in one session.

Hypnosis is 10 times more effective than willpower and 6 times more effective than nicotine replacement in stopping people smoking.  While medication has proved slightly more successful, the side effects can be worse than the cravings.

It’s your decision how you choose to stop smoking but we will leave you to consider the following;

  • Would you like to stop smoking?
  • Would you like to stop smoking and not have to experience the cravings that come with it?
  • Would you like to stop smoking and not put on weight?
  • Would you like to stop smoking in one easy session?
  • Would you like to feel energised about stop smoking rather than experience ever day as an uphill battle?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above then sign up for our free programme today!