Causes Of Anxiety Edinburgh HypnotherapyThere are several causes for anxiety as listed below.  The symptoms of anxiety can range from trouble sleeping, constant worry, feeling overwhelmed, problems with your digestion, feeling unable to relax to flashbacks, nightmares or physical panic attacks.

In your first session we will explore what is making you feel anxious and identify the source.  We will then get to work immediately to treat the root cause of the anxiety, whilst also providing you with techniques to allow you to sleep better, feel calmer and relax more in situations which make you feel anxious.

Causes for Anxiety

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder what is it?

Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, can develop after a traumatic event.  In such situations the trauma of the event is so emotionally arousing that the memory of it is held in the emotional brain and is not processed into our long term memory storage.  PTSD can also develop over time by a series of events, such as bullying.  PSTD causes a person to have long-lasting, recurring thoughts and memories of the event to the extent that they are pattern matched to current day events.  Someone who experienced being bullied as a child for example may find themselves experiencing heightened feelings of anxiety in the workplace when faced with a manager who, on a subconscious level, reminds them of being bullied as a child.

PTSD can often be cleared in one session of hypnotherapy using a highly effect technique called the ‘rewind technique’.  This technique processes the memory in the brain and unhooks the emotional link to it.  Individuals can still recall the event afterwards but will not feel the same emotion that was once attached to it and in time the memory will fade.

Obsessive Disorder  

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is driven by anxiety.  People with OCD often feel that they must perform certain rituals and/or routines in order to control or rid themselves of incessant thoughts or fears.  This could be anything from someone needing to continuously wash their hands for fear of germs to having to walk around the bed 30 times before going to sleep.  The key to breaking the cycle is to calm down the brain and change the unconscious thought patterns that people are locked into.

Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks or panic attacks occur when something in a person’s environment subconsciously triggers a memory of an event that hasn’t been processed in the brain.  It is linked to PTSD and for the individual will occur often without any identifiable “cause”.  A panic attack can make a person feel as if they are literally having a heart attack.

The use of the rewind technique during a session of hypnotherapy will process the original trigger and prevent further panic attacks from occurring often in one session.

Treatment for Phobias

A “phobia” refers to a very intense fear of specific objects and/or situations.  Most of us either know someone, or are themselves, afraid of spiders – even tiny house spiders.  Phobias literally paralyses a person and in some cases bring on the onset of a panic attack.  1 – 2 sessions of hypnotherapy using the rewind technique can clear a phobia of any nature.

Generalised Anxiety

Some individuals may experience feelings of anxiety without any specific rationale reason.  Anxiety symptoms may include excessive worry (anxiety), fretting over things that haven’t yet happened, ruminating on events and generally feeling on ‘edge’ a lot of the time.  It also may include feeling anxious about being in a social situation.

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