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Break A Bad Habit

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh | Break a bad habit

You have tried to stop doing what you do.  You have told yourself you’re going to change and vow not to do it any more.  You summon your will power and tell yourself firmly, that it’s going to stop right here and now.  You feel good you have made the decision to stop and maybe even feel sure that this time, it’s going to work. But somehow, subconsciously you find yourself doing it.

Whether you bite your nails, pull your hair, smoke, pick your skin, drink too much or some other habit – that’s all they are – a habit.  But because habits are programmed deep in the subconscious mind, to break a bad habit, you have to work with the subconscious mind.

The mind works through repetition, so once we do something often enough, it becomes a habitual pattern just like learning how to brush your teeth, or tie your shoe laces or button up a jacket – you don’t think about it, you just do it.  It’s the same with other patterns formed in the mind which have become habitual.  Which is why will power won’t work to break a bad habit.

Because your habit is so ingrained, when you do it, you will enter a hypnotic state, which is why sometimes you don’t even realise you are doing it.

Break a bad habit and create a positive one

It’s quick. Hypnosis will take on average less than two hours to break your habit. Depending on your goals, you may only need one session.

During your session, we will;

  • Set a specific goal i.e. I don’t want to bite my nails
  • Find out the situations you carry out your bad habit in and what triggers you to do it i.e. I always bite my nails when I get stressed
  • Use hypnosis to break the habit at a subconscious level
  • Use powerful visualisation techniques that install your new confident behaviour i.e. not biting your nails!
  • Work with you to create positive habits and install the new behaviour in such a way, that it will feel like you’ve always done it
  • Teach you some highly effective relaxation exercises that will have a significant effect on your ability to remain calm. Stress and anxiety often triggers our bad habits and we will work to ensure we minimise these in your life

Do you want to stop your habit controlling you?

Break that bad habit for good 

Hair Pulling, Ariela

I approached Sara for hypotherapy as I was fiddling with and pulling out strands of my hair quite frequently. I found it embarrassing and I started to get tufty bits of hair where it would grow back. I was initially quite skeptical hypnotherapy would work but was willing to give it a go. At the session, Sara made me feel very relaxed and at ease. She’s very friendly and chatty and I felt immediately comfortable with telling her things I would have normally found uncomfortable with other people. The actual hypnotherapy was very different to what I imagined and I didn’t drift off or feel like I was asleep – I was just very relaxed whilst Sara talked me through various images. I was very shocked that when I was at home after the session, I didn’t start with the old habit but thought it was just because I was more conscious of it, having just been for the session. However, the next day I didn’t, nor the next! Nearly 6 weeks later and I haven’t felt the urge to go back to the old habit. I can’t thank Sara enough for her lovely manner and for so quickly and easily helping me stop something I’ve done for years! I wish I’d gone sooner and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”

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