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Meet The Team

Meet Jan Ambrose

Discover your confident inner happy self

I’ve always been interested in personal development and how our minds work. As well as over 26 years’ experience delivering projects in financial services, I’ve supported and mentored hundreds of people over the years, focusing on developing a positive mind-set, building resilience and increasing confidence.  

I’ve seen the impact the pressures and pace of work and daily life can have, and as a mum of two I’m familiar with the challenges of juggling a full on career with home and family.  Stress can build and we can feel out of balance and overwhelmed.  

​Studying hypnotherapy and coaching helped me understand in greater depth the link between our mind and body and how the quality of our thinking determines how we see and experience the world. 

​Having qualified in hypnotherapy and coaching, accredited by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP, I left the corporate world in 2017 to focus on helping people make positive changes, to really believe in themselves and let go of beliefs and fears that can hold them back. 

Discover your inner confidence with Jan