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Panic Attack Hypnosis Treatment

A panic attack is the firing of your survival response at a time when no obvious threat is present.  Through the physical response in the body, you start to breathe too fast, causing you to hyperventilate. Although you are trying to gasp for breath, breathing in this way creates too much oxygen in your body.

Panic attacks can come on for seemingly no reason at all. You can find yourself having a panic attack in the supermarket and not know why. Equally a panic attack Panic Attack hypnosis treatmentcan be brought on by worrying over something too much.  Either way they can be debilitating and the experience a scary one.

Panic attack hypnosis treatment

In a session I will establish the cause for the original panic. Even if you are unsure on a conscious level what caused them, that’s OK, that’s my job to establish.

Using hypnosis, you will then enter into a relaxed state of rest. During this time I will help your brain to climb off emergency alert and re set your internal panic buttons.

The result? No more panic attacks.

Panic Attacks, James

“I had spent most of my adult life avoiding situations that would bring on my claustrophobic panic attacks. However, an upcoming MRI Scan meant that I could no longer avoid such a situation especially as it was necessary for my future health. Sara quickly responded to my need and fitted me in to her schedule. Sara took the time to ask me about my life and the possible reasons for the causes of my problem and she then used ideas and language that I understood and could relate to explain to me the problem, and from that using hypnotherapy and EFT, brought positive and truly life changing results. Sara is a caring person who makes no judgements but uses her skill and experience to resolve, in my case, long time problems. I only wish I had gone to her much earlier in my life.”


If like James, you would like to be set free from having panic attacks, then contact me today to find out how I can help you.

Hypnosis for panic attacks