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How does hypnosis work

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you spend part of your day in hypnotic trace already. You may have found that your mind wanders off when you are trying to focus on something. Or perhaps you have been sat listening to music and found you have slipped into a day dream. Well that’s akin to hypnosis!

So how does hypnosis work? In a session of hypnosis, hypnotic language is used to deepen the trance state we are all capable of entering, and you deep into the REM state, which is the same as the dreaming state. This is where your subconscious mind is at it’s most open and where we can create change.  Because no two minds are the same, the experience of hypnosis differs for each individual, yet the description that comes up time and time again is that of a relaxed day dream’.

As one client detailed;

“The actual hypnotherapy was very different to what I imagined, and I didn’t drift off or feel like I was asleep – I was just very relaxed whilst Sara talked me through various images”

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Letting the mind do all the work, you sit back and totally relax. One client recently described his experience like floating on a wave.  Ride that wave of change today by picking up the phone and finding out how hypnosis can create the change you are looking for.