What is the difference between hypnosis and NLP?

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What is the difference between hypnosis and NLP?

When I first began to study  hypnotherapy, it hadn’t entered my mind to consider NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. I had heard of NLP but felt drawn to hypnotherapy through the course I had already completed in Life Coaching – probably because the course had been run by a hypnotherapist!.  Yet the more I delved deeper into the hows and whys of the human mind, I did find myself wondering that the difference between hypnosis and NLP was.

Setting up my business as a hypnotherapist, I was amazed at the number of NLP practitioners in the same field. They do say that when you start to pay attention to something, you start to see it everywhere. Well it seemed the whole of Brighton was full of NLP folk!

Having chatted to a number of them at networking events, what struck me was that despite knowing about the power of the mind and how to programme it, remarkably very few understood the actual physiology of the body and the patterns behind problems.

In particular how our emotions affect the body, how depression is caused, how to resolve trauma, what the REM state is, why sleep plays a significant part on our health, and how neurotransmitters cause us to become addicted….just to name a few!

Yes NLP and hypnosis can overcome a number of psychological blocks and self sabotaging patterns, however true hypnotherapy identifies why these problems were created in the first place so that the root cause of the issue can be tackled and hypnotherapy can then be used to create the shifts needed at the level of the unconscious mind, where around 95% of your behaviours, thought patterns and feelings are driven from.

Personally what I love about my client sessions is working with the
un conscious mind so that clients leave the therapy room, often after a single session, and find they have over come the problem they came in with, and without the need to repeat a number of statements over and over – a technique used in NLP.  Because hypnotherapy also causes a profound ripple effect, many clients find that other problems that weren’t consciously addressed for example, aches and pains, trouble sleeping, digestion problems have also miraculously disappeared.

During hypnotherapy, clients simply get to sit back, relax and let their unconscious mind do the work as powerful hypnotic language, suggestions and metaphors are weaved through their mind to crate the changes they desire. Instead of being subject to a bunch of techniques, which is what I see NLP as being.

NLP is far more interactive than hypnotherapy and focuses a lot on linguistic elements that influence neurological processes. It engages more with the conscious mind and clients will become more involved with the techniques on a practical level.

People spend so much time running around, getting stressed and anxious that when I see clients I want to calm their mind, relax them and give the most problem free experience using solution focused psychotherapy to overcome their issues. NLP does have its place, but personally hypnotherapy wins hands down every time.




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