What happens when you put together 2 hypnotherapists?

What happens when you put together 2 hypnotherapists?

As you begin to read this post, your mind is likely to be thinking, “hold on I know that face“.

Now if you have met me, you will recognise one of the faces! And then undoubtedly you realise, “Ah, it’s Paul McKenna!“.

I’d seen that Paul was going to be in Edinburgh hosting an event on ‘the 3 things that will change your destiny and decided to go along.

To be honest, I was more curious than anything about what he had to share that was going to be so ground breaking that it would change my destiny.

So I settled myself down and prepared to be amazed!

My life changing experience…

Did Paul McKenna hypnotise me?  Well, sort of. Experiencing deep hypnosis is a little hard when you are in a room full of around 100 people who are fidgeting around you and coughing!

Did the techniques he shared change my destiny?  Yes, however not in the way I expected them to.

My destiny was changed through the recognition that everything Paul was speaking about, and teaching the audience is what I do every week with my clients, and have been doing for years.

When you have been doing what you have for a long time, it can be easy to loose sight of what you know and just how amazing you are.

Whether you are a a teacher, a recruiter, a project manager, an accountant, a therapist, a volunteer, an engineer or any number of things, the moral of the story is the same for us all – it’s simply a case of believing it!

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