How to use Quantum Physics to create your day

How to use Quantum Physics to create your day

If you had asked me 4 years ago what quantum physics was I would have looked at you blankly, scratched my head, thought back to my science lessons and come to the conclusion that I had no idea.

I now however find myself curiously drawn to the topic of quantum physics. For no other reason that quantum physics only calculates possibility, which I love the concept of. It means that nothing is set on stone and anything is possible.

We once thought that particles had a particular energy wave to them and waves such as light waves have a particular wave to them and never the two shall meet. Through quantum physics we now know that particles exhibit light wave like properties and waves exhibit particle like properties. The idea being that waves, like light, can act as particles, like electrons, and vice versa.

Why is this relevant? Under the classic theory of physics, we would only be able to predict outcomes based on certainty or probable outcome.

Quantum physics deals instead with the behaviour of the smallest things in our universe: subatomic particles, of which we are made up of millions of. When Quantum physicists started looking at smaller and smaller particles that make up our ‘physical reality’ they concluded that nothing is ‘solid’. Instead everything, including ourselves, are millions of particles vibrating at a speed just slower than the speed of light. This makes everything appear ‘dense’ and solid.

Much of what we perceive about the Universe is wrong mainly because our beliefs and understanding is based on old paradigms. We have become so conditioned to believe what we ‘see’ that we find it hard to ignore reality.

When we want something that we can’t see, it takes a lot for us to ignore what is and focus on getting what we want. For example, if you are looking at your bank statement and thinking there’s not enough money in your bank account, then trying to imagine an abundant flowing bank account is possible can be hard.

And what factor decides what comes into our physical reality? Consciousness.

Consciousness determines whether light behaves as a wave or a particle or whether this event or that event occurs. Because of this we can change whatever we are looking at by the way we are seeing it.

Because everything is possible, start having a say in how your day will unfold by consciously creating your day. Use the power of the mind to set the intention that your day will go well. Imagine events going well. Imagine opportunities, people, telephone calls, clients and so on flowing to you, giving you what it is you desire. For example, if you are going for job interview, think anything is possible! Imagine the interview going well, the answers to questions flowing articulately, feeling relaxed and confident. Imagine being offered the job and how wonderful it will feel.

When you consciously create your day little things happen that are so small that it’s beyond ‘random possibility’. The more you do this the brain creates a neural net that tells you that its possible to do this, and the stronger the belief then becomes that you can manifest what you focus your consciousness on.

Have fun with it, play with it and remember you create your own reality and anything is possible!

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