The Law of Attraction – Discover how to release to allow your dreams in

The Law of Attraction – Discover how to release to allow your dreams in

I love the whole idea and understanding of the Law of Attraction…not the romantic type, the quantum physics type!

Ever since reading the Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield, when I was 25 I have been fascinated by the Laws of the Universe and anything ‘energy’ related. No great surprise I ended up working with energy techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting.

You may have heard about ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne? Some people say that the Secret was the American attempt to explain the law of attraction. And in many ways the book and the film did help to create a more mainstream understanding of the laws of quantum physics and all things energy, enabling people like you and me to understand the concept of conscious creation and manifestation. Or to put it simply, how to create the life you desire.

Yet despite a greater understanding and acceptance that you create your own reality, why is it that most people are still not out there living the lives that you desire?. Well for starters, the art of manifesting requires a little more than simply ‘asking’ for things to show up!

You may be asking for more money, a new relationship, a better career opportunity or to receive an offer on the property you are selling for example. However, despite asking for any of those things, are you congruent with the belief that you can have them?

When it comes to manifesting, you are all too often holding onto doubts, fears or limiting beliefs that prevent you from receiving that which you want. You can be asking for love to come into your life, however if you don’t believe it will happen or that you are not worthy of a great relationship your desires won’t manifest.

If you have been trying to create your own reality and manifest something using the laws of the universe then it may be time to look at what you are blocking that needs to be released in order for you to allow…

Create the right environment

Have a look around your home. Go to each room and sit in the space allowing yourself to get a feel for the environment. How does it feel? Is it cluttered and full of old things you are holding onto ‘just in case’?. How do you feel about the furniture? Do you like it or are you ‘making do’? Does each room reflect you or the you ten years ago?

Your home is a sacred space and if the environment doesn’t make you feel good when you are in it then there’s a strong chance this will affect your energy and what you are allowing in. You have to create space to allow new things to come to you and your home is a good place to start.

Throw away your clutter! Give things you haven’t used or worn for the past year to the charity shop.

I used to ‘make do’ with a lot of furniture having decided that I would only buy really nice things when I actually owned the property. I recognised that was sending out all the wrong messages and have since invested in a beautiful new bed, a new work desk and other bits and pieces. I look around my home now and although I don’t own the property, it feels ‘worthy’ of me living there.


Have you ever held onto an old relationship for fear of letting go?. People come into your life for a reason, and some people come into your life for a season, and some people stay forever.

You are constantly evolving and it’s natural that the more you grow, you can find that you out grow friends and even lovers.

Are you holding onto friendships or relationships on the basis you have known each other a long time, but have little in common anymore? Are there people in your life you feel duty bound to keep in contact with, but who don’t float your boat? Are there people you have known a long time and feel some sense of duty to remain friends with, but who you dread seeing as they are very negative to be around?

Are you in a romantic relationship that you know deep down doesn’t work for you, but that you are scared that there’s nothing better out there? Or you fear if you let go and no-one else comes along you will be alone? That is exactly the kind of thinking that prevents you from letting something better into your life.


Do you dream of working in a profession or job you really want but are remaining stuck for fear of things not working out? Whats worse – making that leap and seeing where it can lead you or remaining stuck in a job you hate for fear of failure?

I had no idea about running a business or a therapy practice when I made the leap and left behind my HR career. I did enjoy working in HR, so wasn’t exactly stuck in a job I hated. The journey to get to where I am hasn’t always been easy, but the rewards have been amazing. The opportunity to help to transform people lives far outweighs any fear of where I’ll be in another 10 years.

In conclusion…

If you were moving to a new house, would you take with you all the things you no longer wanted or needed or disliked? No! You would use the move as an opportunity to have a good clear out. You have to create space to let in new things and it is no different with areas of your life. Nature loves a vacuum and is always keen to fill your life with new people, opportunities, lovers and chances for growth…but you have to release and let go of the old to allow in the new.

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