Improving Health in Scotland

Improving Health in Scotland

Since moving to Scotland 6 months ago I have felt a strong desire to look at what proactive measures I can take with my working knowledge of the mind and body, towards improving health in Scotland.

Having worked as a Human Resources Professional for over 1o years I saw first hand the implications on peoples health and wellbeing that resulted from a lack of physical and emotional resilience. Having retrained as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I could see clearly the opportunity to make a tangible difference in this arena by teaching people modern day life skills.

Having just read the ‘Improving Health in Scotland’ initiative as set out by the Scottish Government in 2003, I couldn’t help but wonder how much had really changed 10 years on?

The cases of people suffering from stress, depression and anxiety have sky rocketed. Yet the solution still being sought and offered is pills in the form of anti depressants, beta blockers and other anti anxiety drugs.

Isn’t it therefore a time for real reform?
Having worked with thousands of clients, I know first hand how many people whose health has benefited greatly from a mixture of simple and clear information such as:

  • What stress is, what happens in the body when it senses stress and how to break the stress response
  • How the mind works and how to utilise it to feel good
  • Good mood food for building physical and mental resilience
  • What depression is, what causes it, how it effects for body and how to overcome it (without the need for drugs)
  • How to get our human basic needs met in a healthy and balanced way leading to strong emotional and physical resilience

Finally I have used leading edge techniques from the field of hypnosis, NLP and Energy Psychology such as those listed, to overcome stress, depression and various cases of anxiety:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Matrix Re-imprinting
  • Rewind Technique

The majority of people I see are therefore well informed about how their mind and body work.  Understand in simple language what sets off signals in the body which affect their physical and mental wellbeing. Receive fast and effective treatment that sees them recover from cases of anxiety and depression, which drugs will never treat long term because they only mask the emotions. And are taught specific techniques such as EFT to keep them on track going forward.BBC Midlands showed how 35 patients using EFT to treat depression and anxiety got better, in a trial by Doctors in Sandwell.  This is fantastic to see, but why are we so slow at making this more wide spread? Treating people using techniques such as EFT is far more cost effective than that of keeping patients on drugs for years at a time, with no real progress being made on their condition.

Scotland is seeking radical reform through its desire to be independent, so isn’t it time to be radical about how to improve the health of people in Scotland?

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