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PTSD and trauma treatment

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

What is PTSD?

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and trauma is incredibly common.
Originally PTSD was most commonly associated with people returning from war. However any number of experiences can leave you feeling traumatised from an accident, being bullied at work, to having to speak in public.

Why does PTSD occur?

You can experience any number of emotional and difficult situations and get through OK. You may feel a little vulnerable and emotionally bruised as a result, but they don’t leave a lasting effect on you.

However, sometimes a situation or an event will leave its mark. This is because the level of emotional arousal about the memory is too high to be processed through the brain. Stress hormones, such as cortisol are still attached to the memory, and get produced whenever you bring the memory to mind, either consciously or subconsciously.

Events that occurred years ago, can still feel very ‘live’, as if they happened yesterday.

People often think that, in time these memories will fade. However memories of times and events that are still wrapped in trauma need help to be processed through the brain and into the long-term memory.

Symptoms of PTSD and trauma

Unable to focus, concentrate or absorb information

Difficultly sleeping

Feeling anxious

Unable to think clearly, like you have brain fog

Unable to think rationally and often thinking ‘worst case scenario’

Thinking that something bad will happen

Panic attacks

Gut malfunction (persistent diarrhoea, constipation or symptoms of irritable bowel)

Prone to infection

Emotionally unable to see a different perspective

PTSD and trauma treatment

The key thing preventing a memory from being processed in the brain is how the memory feels when you think about it in present day. Therefore when you release the emotions associated with the event, you are able to feel differently about it – more detached.

Hypnotherapy and tapping therapy are incredible are setting you free from the past. And unlike other forms of therapy such as counselling and CBT, you don’t need to talk about the event or memory in any detail. In some cases, we don’t need to talk about it at all.

Sarahs story…

In the past year I had been finding I was feeling more and more unmotivated in my work, lacking in energy and had been struck down with a variety of illnesses. I wasn’t really sure how to make changes in my life or why I was feeling so low but I knew I couldn’t carry on. I contacted Sara for some help and I am so glad that I did. She really listened to me and helped me realise why I was feeling the way I was. Through excellent relaxation techniques she helped me work through the problems and after just 1 session I felt like a completely different person. A weight was lifted and I could see how to move forward. I have since returned for 2 further sessions with Sara where she has taught me EFT, an amazing technique which I now use independently and with a great level of success.  My new positive frame of mind has meant that I have taken up running, am eating healthier and I have so much more energy! I can’t thank Sara enough and am happy to recommend her friendly, enjoyable and above all effective methods of therapy to anyone.

In many cases, people who have experienced feeling anxiety for years, have actually got PTSD that has been undiagnosed.

Laura discovered this and in only 3 sessions is now living her life anxiety free.
Listen to her story below…

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