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Psychotherapy Edinburgh | Solution Focused Psychotherapy

Solution focused psychotherapy offers a new way to think about and approach a problem you may be experiencing.  It is different to other forms of counselling or psychotherapy because it focuses on the solution, rather than the problem.


What does solution focused psychotherapy entail?

  • Working together we will set clear goals regarding what you want to achieve 
  • Using my skill I will identify where the problem started without the need for you to give a life history
  • I will explain to you what the ‘pattern’ is behind the problem i.e. what’s causing it and why
  • Creating a clear picture about what life will be like without the problem, helping to create a new blue print in your mind of the future
  • To be reconnected with your own internal and external resources
  • To be helped to replug the gap of any missing skills


Clients have often been surprised that they don’t need to go into a long detailed history of their problem or drag up their childhood, which has been particularly refreshing for them. In Solution Focused Psychotherapy we work to move you forward to what life will be like without the problems you are currently facing. 

Meeting Sara was wonderful. She’s so bright and cheerful and made me feel instantly relaxed and open. We focused on a number of points in our sessions and she always made me look forward rather than fixating on the past which is definitely something I’ve taken away with me.  I felt that every session was worthwhile. Some forms of counselling I’ve experienced allow you to spend an hour moaning about your day at work or similar when there are much bigger issues at hand. I felt Sara very quickly got to the root of my anxiety and self esteem and we approached it in a number of ways, and I now use some of those tactics in day to day life to help me relax and let go of the past and enjoy the day to day! Louise

Some sessions of solution focused psychotherapy may just involve talking, helping you to reframe how you are thinking or feeling, or coaching you to move through a current issue in your life. Where some problems are because of how you are emotionally reacting to people or situations, or how you are behaving then methods such as hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) will be used to create the inner subconscious change needed to move you forward.

To find out more or to book a session contact me today 

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