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Hypnotherapy for sleep

What would it mean to you to experience consistent deep and restorative sleep? To wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead?  To be able to climb into bed each night looking forward to going to sleep?

Perhaps you are reading this thinking that this is too good to be true?  Maybe you think that only happens in Disney land!

Sleep, like breathing, is something your body knows how to do naturally.  So why is it that you can’t sleep?

Some of the ways you can compromise your ability to sleep are…

  • A ruminating mind – thoughts that you are chewing over and over in your mind which creates stress in the body
  • An overactive mind – where there is too much for the dreaming brain to cope with, the body will wake you up to prevent you from over dreaming
  • ‘What if’ – ‘what if I can’t sleep tonight because I have a presentation tomorrow’… what if’s are like self hypnosis!
  • Anxiety about getting to sleep which creates stress in the body preventing you from going to sleep
  • Beliefs about your sleep pattern such as ‘I always wake up at 4.00am’
  • Alcohol and food intake 

How hypnotherapy for sleep can help you…

  • Give responsibility for sleep back to the body – your body knows how to sleep!
  • Rewire the brain to create a new template to experience consistently deep restorative sleep
  • Calm down the mind allowing you to switch off
  • Address any emotional issues that have been getting in the way of you sleeping well
  • Understand the link between the gut and great sleep and how to take care of your gut health
  • Discover great strategies to support your mind and body for quality sleep

What ever your pattern of sleep, take the first step towards quality restorative blissful sleep and book your free consultation today.