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Grief & Bereavement Counselling

Grief, bereavement and loss can be the hardest emotions to process.  The loss of someone in your life can cause a tidal wave of change to which sometimes time is the only healer.  

Helping people to find inner peace through grief & bereavement counselling is a very personal service.  It may involve helping people to process the emotions they are experiencing as a result of the loss.  It can also work at helping people overcome any anxiety or depression they may be experiencing due to the loss, even if this is several years after the loss of someone in their life.

Whatever the level of support is needed, great care is taken to ensure the memory of the person is respected and honoured.  Whatever your needs or beliefs or spirituality, together we can help you to find an inner peace, helping to bring back the rays of light into your life allowing you to move forward.

Grief and bereavement, Mari

I saw Sara a few months ago to help me stop smoking, but a few days before my first session I lost a very good friend and by the time I saw Sara I was in a very dark place… She helped me deal with my emotions, showed deep empathy and respect for all the issues we talked about and after our second session I was feeling much stronger. I would definitely see Sara again if I feel I need her support.

Trauma and loss, Leena

I was introduced to hypnotherapy and Sara by my best friend. I was going through the most challenging time of my life after the most traumatic experience I had encountered so far in my life. There was heaviness on my heart every day which was affecting my life in a very negative way. I went to see Sara with an open mind but was not expecting miracles. The one session of tapping and hypnotherapy exceeded all my expectations and I walked out without the heaviness I had experienced for so long. The difficult chapter in my life is now a distant memory and I believe that my session with Sara has enabled me to keep it there for good. I will always be grateful to Sara and my best friend of helping me back to happiness.