Are you struggling with sexual anxiety? You’re not alone! Many adults experience sexual problems and sexual anxiety at some point in their life.

Some of the most common sexual problems for men are erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. For women, it is vaginismus.

These sexual problems can however leave you feeling shame, failure, that there’s is something wrong with you and any number of other emotions – which can be effectively released with hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping.

You can enjoy sex fully, and experience a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life with my bespoke hypnotherapy approach.

Which of these sexual problems resonates most with you?

Hypnotherapy for sexual problems

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hypnotherapy for sexual dysfunction

Hypnosis is a highly effective treatment for sexual problems and sexual anxiety because hypnosis works directly with the unconscious mind where around 96% of all thought patterns, behaviours and beliefs are stored.
My bespoke approach of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and EFT Tapping Therapy will help you identify the unhelpful, and limiting thought patterns at the root of your problem.

Together we will…

  • Get to the root of the sexual problem
  • Release limiting beliefs around sex and sexual performance
  • Change the way you think to enable you to relax and enjoy sex
  • Press the reset button to allow your body to naturally do what it knows how to do to fully enjoy sex
  • Enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life!

Rest assured that sexual problems and sexual anxiety are common and you are not alone.

With the help of hypnotherapy, you can overcome them and enjoy feeling relaxed, present and confident in your sex life.

For more information on how I use hypnotherapy to help you release your sexual problem in my Edinburgh hypnotherapy clinic or online, get in touch

“What a fabulous experience. Whether you need someone to help you going through a major change in your life, or to address one of the issues affecting millions of us – from anxiety to food or sleep disorders, or from confidence to performance issues – Sara would deal with any of those. Fabulous listener, with an incredible capacity to synthesize our muddled thoughts into a clear problem statement, and then tackle it swiftly. Such a wonderful person, warm and inspirational.”