Put simply, the MAP Method is amazeballs at creating a breakthrough in your mind set!

MAP is like a combination of hypnosis and energy psychology working with the Super Conscious Mind (AKA Infinite Intelligence) to treat and neutralise thought patterns, emotional structures, memories, parts, predispositions, fields, mindset barriers and beliefs (to name a few!) to enable you to move forward in your life.

The brain can only do what it is programmed to do! The brain works on pattern and repetition which means that once the brain has learnt how to do something, the brain will run on repeat – like a piece of software on a computer.

This is super handy for things like eating, writing, walking, driving your car, getting dressed and using your smart phone.

But not so helpful when it comes to conditioned and habitual thinking, emotional reactions, beliefs and behaviours that have been running the show and holding you back or keeping you stuck.

You may have tried 100 times not to do something and perhaps managed to change your level of thinking or behaviour for a day, maybe even a few days. But then something happens and you revert back to the old ways of thinking, feeling and acting and this is SO frustrating!

MAP is for you if….

👉🏽 You have read self help books and gained some wisdom and insight only to keep finding yourself back at square one!

👉🏽 You have tried traditional forms of therapy such as counselling or CBT and haven’t got the results you wanted

👉🏽 You have been using medication such as anti depressants or beta blockers and still experience emotional pain and anxiety

👉🏽 Are wanting a simple and effective way to address the challenges you face without having to dig up your past!

👉🏽 Are open to the possibility that change can be simple!

Thanks the the MAP Method you can experience a break through in your mindset allowing you to move forward in your life with ease!

What makes map so powerful

🌟 You don’t have to go digging up past events and memories – the Superconscious identifies these and treats them – even the events, traumas and memories you don’t have conscious awareness of

🌟 You don’t have to talk about your past experiences and therefore there is no risk of being re-traumatised

🌟 You don’t need to over analyse your thinking! In MAP the Superconscious treats any unhelpful negative thought patterns and structures that led to the topic you are focused on 

🌟 In MAP you are fully conscious (although very relaxed!) so remain in full control while the Superconscious works its magic

🌟 MAP is a deeply healing modality that works on every layer of your brain, body and energy system

🌟 In MAP we treat every and all aspects – thought structures; parts; predispositions; the parts which are trying to protect and control your behaviour (which keeps you stuck!); energy fields; mindset barriers, beliefs, emotional structures, events and themes which have played a part in your life – this leads to incredible change easily and gently

🌟 In MAP we also treat where you have created an identity around your subject such as ‘I’m not good enough/smart enough/inadequate/don’t belong/unloveable etc

🌟 MAP treats any unconscious barriers and resistance you may have setting you free from your topic/subject enabling you to move forward in your life


Up coming map breakthrough sessions

You can now take full advantage of LIVE group MAP sessions! During these live group sessions you don’t need to share any thing about your situation or subject. Instead you can relax, have your camera off or on and be guided as the Superconscious works its magic!

These sessions will only be available live, so please make sure you are somewhere comfortable that you won’t be disturbed!

Thursday 15th September 7.00pm BST | Feeling stuck and can’t move forward – When you feel stuck in your head about something it can be hard to move forward. Your mind may be overrun with thoughts about what to do which end up creating more turmoil and prevent you from making a decision or taking action. In this MAP session we neutralise all the thought structures, mindset barriers, fears and worries and any other aspect that is keeping you stuck allowing you to move forward.

Thursday 29th September 7.00pm BST | Imposter Syndrome – Imposter syndrome really boils down to self doubt and not thinking that you are enough. It often manifests itself in a feeling of being ‘caught out’ and can hold you back from excelling in your career. 

Thursday 13th October 7.00pm BST | Financial worries – Rising energy bills and the cost of living has put fear into a lot of people about their financial situation. In this MAP session we neutralise the fears around your finances and money so that you have the clarity and inner resources to make helpful financial decisions to best support you and your family

Thursday 27th October 7.00pm BST | Fear of Judgement – Many people experience a fear of being judged by other people which holds them back from taking opportunities, especially in their professional lives. A fear of judgement can create havoc when it comes to public speaking, putting forward ideas in the workplace, speaking out about mental health, taking a new career path or promotion – the list goes on! In this MAP session we focus on your fear of judgement and everything that is associated with this to neutralise this fear and allow you to live your life!

Thursday 10 November 7.00pm GMT | Resentment and blame – Holding onto resentment and blame weighs you down and ages you! You may resent someone in your life or blame a family member or partner for ‘how your life turned out’ but this will keep you in a holding pattern and destroy your peace of mind. In this MAP session we neutralise the blame and resentment you are holding onto about a person or a situation so that you can experience a sense of freedom and peace of mind.

Thursday 24 November 7.00pm GMT | I am not…good enough/worthy/adequate – People live their life through the filter system of their beliefs. And what you believe impacts how you behave. Beliefs about your self worth were created at a time you could just about tie your show laces up!  Like a very old operating system of a lap top that’s not been upgraded since you were 5, it’s time to see these beliefs for what they are – simply conditioned habitual thought patterns – and then to treat and neutralise these in the brain and all associated limiting beliefs. It’s time to upgrade to the operating system ‘I am ENOUGH!’

how to book onto a live map breakthrough session

To book onto a live MAP group session simply click on the link below. Once you have made payment you will be sent the details for your live session with some pre preparation questions to help you get focused and clear on what you wish to achieve for maximum results.