I am

I am

I am enough.  Not a statement that settles well with people.

If my ego had it’s way it would of course be saying to me, no you are not enough because you are not yet married, you don’t have children, you aren’t a size 10, you haven’t yet published a book, you aren’t a TED speaker yet, you haven’t made your first million….the list continues.

Luckily I have learnt, most of the time, to gag my ego and listen to the part of me which has my best interests at heart.  Call it your higher self, your inner being, source whatever it means to you.  Ultimately the part of you that knows you are enough and the only person ever judging whether you aren’t, is your ego.

Having trotted along to a lovely ‘Meet Up’ group last night in Edinburgh, I was reminded of the power we feel inside when we tune into our highest self and hear the voice that says ‘I am enough’.

Lots of us struggle to connect with this part because of the various masks we are wearing.  The ego whispering to us constantly of things we ‘should’ have achieved by now.  The judgements and comparisons we make against others when it comes to wealth, status, jobs and material objects.

Yet when we learn to connect more with the highest part of us, who can lovingly confirm ‘I am enough’, it’s like breathing a big sigh of relief.  The drama we create in our own mind starts to fall away, the pressure to achieve calms down and we are left with a sense of deep inner peace.

The more you take time out regularly to do this you will be surprised at what shifts start to occur in the way you feel, the way you behave and the way you think.

If you feel you need help working through some blocks you are experiencing at the moment, or if you feel something has been stirred up reading this you need support, Sara can work with you 1 to 1 or over Skype to help you move forward with your life. Email her at sara@saramaudehypnotherapy.com to make an appointment.

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