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Do you feel powerless?

We use the word powerless to describe addiction because that’s how so many people feel when it comes to breaking an addiction.

You wake up deciding enough is enough. 

You resolve to stop. 

Sometimes you make it all the way through the day and think that you have control over the addiction.  But that need finds its way back in.  The addiction has control over you. You start feeding yourself excuses why you should succumb ‘just this once’ and before you know it you are right back to where you started. Addiction makes you feel guilty, you hate yourself for it, it makes you lie and manipulate other people. 

Break it before it breaks you.

What are you addicted to?

  • Sex?
  • Co dependancy?
  • Sugar?
  • Gambling?
  • Alcohol?
  • Gaming?
  • Cocaine?


When you do something that initially gives you pleasure and makes you feel good, the brain reacts in several ways.

Firstly the brain floods with dopamine. Dopamine is the ‘pleasure and reward’ neurotransmitter that is responsible for making you feel good.  The brain registers this heightened feeling of pleasure and creates an anchor between that feeling and what is causing that feeling.

The brain doesn’t monitor the activity and decide whether what you are doing is good for you or not, the brain simply makes a connection to what feels good and begins to hardwire this connection to drive you to repeat the same behaviour.

Next time you repeat the same pattern of behaviour, the brain floods with dopamine again and the neural connection in the brain becomes stronger.

Over a short period of time what started out as a flutter on the horses, a few glasses of wine or a line of cocaine has now become an addiction and has full control over you.

Don't allow addition to hold you back! Find Freedom!

How to overcome addiction

Addictions cannot be broken with willpower because you are now getting your emotional need to feel something met through the addition.

The key to breaking an addiction is to break the emotion connection to it

That’s why hypnotherapy for addiction is so powerful at enabling you to break the addiction, because you are rewiring the brain at the level of the unconscious mind and setting you free.