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Help with addiction

Gambling, sex, porn, drugs, food, hair pulling, spending money – whatever your addiction if it something you do regularly and you can’t stop yourself no matter what, you are addicted.

The pattern of addiction is one which gets locked into the brain and literally drives you to keep doing something time and time again. It is something you may have tried to stop doing with will power many times only to find your are sucked back in and can’t stop.

When we do something that initially brings us pleasure, the brain reacts in several ways. Firstly it records all the sensory information relating to how your felt when carrying out the activity. The brain also releases dopamine, the pleasure hormone, which again gets recorded in the brain as something which feels good to do. When you repeat the activity a few times, the pattern becomes even more ingrained. Overtime it becomes addictive and you find you have an overwhelming desire to carry out the activity be it gambling, watching porn, sex, food and so on.

The only way to break an addiction is to re wire the brain and change the neural pathways which drive you to carry out the addiction. The most effective way of doing this is working with the unconscious part of the mind because the behaviour itself is unconscious i.e. you find yourself doing it before you have had a chance to stop it and even when you know you are doing it, you still can’t stop yourself.

This is why hypnosis and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) are highly successful ways to stop addiction and change your behaviour. It doesn’t take a long time to become addicted to something and it also doesn’t take a long time to break an addiction when you are in the right hands.

Get help with addiction by contacting me today and take your first step to regaining control over yourself and your life.

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