How to make change stick

How to make change stick

Have you ever witnessed a child throwing a full on tantrum? Acting like they are in the scene of a horror movie instead of just being told they aren’t allowed something?
Perhaps you have experienced a similar response in the body when you have attempted to create change in yourself or your life?

Change feels unfamiliar because change is the unknown.  Making a change to yourself or your life may, at first, be exciting, but then something kicks in taking you back to where you were.
This is a BRILLIANT insight by Dr. Joe Dispenza explaining why this happens when you try and create change:

No matter how uncomfortable some emotional states are, such as anxiety, hate, resentment, victim, anger and so on, you find yourself returning to these emotional states of being because they are familiar to you. You have unknowingly created them as your conditioned automatic response.

A client of mine nailed it recently when she realised, having spent weeks and weeks feeling as a high as a kite, creating change to live a healthier life style, growing her business and generally adopting a more ‘kick ass’ attitude, she woke up one morning feeling flat.  She told me that there had been no immediate or obvious reason why she felt flat, but felt like she had lost some of her momentum and her ‘can do’ mind set.

Instead of letting that feeling stay with her and dictate the rest of her day – something she may have done in the past – she decided to take action and use EFT (Tapping) on herself to tap into the feeling and then release it.  Within minutes of tapping away my client realised that nothing was ‘wrong’.  Instead she recognised that her body was having a mini tantrum at all this change and ‘feeling good’ and was trying to pull her back to her victim mode, a state of being she had operated from for a long time.

My client laughed as she described to me just how empowered she felt when she realised that’s all that was going on.  She had been feeling in such a strong place, had created such a spring in her step and was feeling so positive about things to come that her body wasn’t used to that, and was trying to drag her back to ‘how things used to be’ because that was old, comfortable and familiar.
Having worked together, my client could see exactly what was going on, and using EFT had told that old victim part of her to effectively ‘do one’.
With the right knowledge and tools, you can create change and a new state of being – and keep moving in the right direction too.

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