How to get your dream job

How to get your dream job

Is there such a thing as a ‘proper’ job?

What did you want to be when you grew up? Doctor, dentist, artist, lawyer, pilot, racing car driver?

I grew up wanting to be an actress. I’m therefore not sure how I ended up in a 12 year career working in Human Resources.

My dreams of becoming a big Hollywood star were carried as far as the village pantomime and after that fizzled out. Being an actress wasn’t something the careers advisors at school encouraged as a ‘proper’ job and neither did my parents. So I settled for a job in the corporate world.

Interestingly when I made the move to follow my dreams and set up my own business, I didn’t stop to consider whether it was a ‘proper’ job. I knew it made my heart burst with excitement and passion and that was good enough for me.

I find I draw lots of people to me who want to do the same as I have and follow their dreams, but don’t consider their dream job to be a ‘proper job’.

Actresses who think they should leave their profession and get a proper job. People in business who want to work as holistic therapist but don’t think they can make money out of that profession because it’s not a proper job. Accountants who long to be painters. All trapped in the perception of what constitutes a ‘proper’ job.

It is hardly surprising people think like that. Most people in my generation and the generations before have grown up with very clear ‘messages’ from society, parents and teachers about what a proper job constitutes. But when we think about it, they are only ever opinions based on other peoples perceptions.

Talk to generation Y about a proper job and you are more than likely to hear ‘being a celebrity’ or being a ‘reality tv star’! Younger generations don’t have the same pre conceived notion of what a proper job is because they are growing up with far greater choice and exposure to what it is possible for them to do career wise. There is also far less emphasis on the job for life.

How to get your dream job…..So what do you do if you are running the thought that your dream job is not a proper job and you are resigned to do something that doesn’t fill you with joy? You tap!

Use the following EFT Tapping script to release the blocks standing between you and your dream job!

If you are new to EFT Tapping check out the Introduction to EFT Tapping video first.

(Karate Chop) Even though I want to follow my dream and become (insert your ideal job or profession here) but I can’t because I don’t think it’s a proper job, it’s ok, I’m just noticing this now.

Even though I know I’m not happy or fulfilled in my current job and I long to make the leap and do what I am passionate about but something is holding me back, I love myself anyway.

Tap around each of the EFT tapping points saying out loud as you tap.  If the words don’t resonate with you, feel free to change them to your own words…..

I can’t follow my dreams I have to keep my feet on the ground

It would take a lot of time and energy to retrain/start up my own  business

It’s safer to stay as I am

I’m a dreamer to think I could do (ideal job)

It’s not a proper job

It doesn’t feel safe for me to do (ideal job)

I know it would be amazing to do (ideal job) but it’s better to stay as I am

What is I went into (ideal job) and it didn’t work out

What if I failed

This first round can go on for a few minutes until you start to feel a shift in the way you feel.

When you have finished a few rounds of EFT Tapping on the above, continue tapping and say the following out loud….

I wonder what’s really holding me back

I am so passionate about the idea of doing (ideal job)

Why can’t I just follow my dreams

If other people can make it a success then it’s possible for me to do the same

It’s not a proper job

Why shouldn’t I follow my dreams

Whose to say it’s not a proper job

I’m just worried if I didn’t make a success of it (maybe also do a round just on this)

What am I worried about?

Worried about what people will think

When you start to notice the way you think and feel continuing to shift, start to introduce the following.  The practice of ‘wondering’ will get your mind firing and wiring in new ways. Simply continue to apply EFT Tapping and say out loud the following as you tap….

I wonder what steps I could take to move myself closer to (ideal job)

I wonder who I could talk to about going into (ideal profession/job)

I know it’s possible for me to make the move into (ideal job)

What if I find a way to move me closer to (idea job)

Universe could I have some help please?

Today could be the day I start to follow me dreams

Today I choose to start to follow my dreams.

Now take a breath and tune into yourself.  how are you feeling now?  What’s shifted around your thinking and feeling that’s allowed new insights and perspectives to shine through?  If you notice that there’s any resistance still present, that’s OK.  Simply repeat the process until you have neutralised those feelings and can confidently take the next step towards landing your dream job!

Dreams are the seedlings of reality

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