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How does hypnosis work

Have you ever tried to create a change within yourself but within days have ended up going back to old ways of doing things? Frustrating isn’t it!

Perhaps you have made a commitment to be more positive and think more optimistically, yet when something happens you slip back into those old and less helpful ways of thinking or seeing the world.

Maybe you believe that this is you and that you can’t change.

Rest assured you are not alone!

People talk a lot about mind-set and how everything is about mind-set. While that is so very true, creating a shift in your mind-set requires more than a good talking to.

The reason for this is something called the subconscious mind.

The conscious part of you is the thinking part. The part you use to analyse (and over analyse!) and rationalise and problem solve. The conscious part of you is very powerful, however it accounts for less than 5% of your overall mind.

The subconscious mind runs the rest of the show. Just in the same way that you don’t need to remember how to breathe (good job!), the subconscious part of you takes care of every physiological system, function and process. Along side this, the subconscious is where patterns of thoughts, beliefs you hold about yourself and the world, emotional responded and behaviours are held. You may be amazed to know that pretty much all of this programming is complete by the time you reach the age of 6.

Think of your mind and brain operating like the mainframe of a computer. In order for the computer to run a different programme, you have to give it a new piece of software.

The way we achieve this is through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is simply where by using hypnotic language, you are guided into a deep, slow brain wave state that allows access to the subconscious mind.

What can I expect in a session?

Using a combination of hypnotherapy, solution focused psychotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and NLP (neurolinguistic language programming) and Matrix Reimprinting you can expect the following from a session:

Get to the root of your problem without you having to tell your life story

Experience tangible results from the word go

Get you focused away from the past and onto the future

Experience feeling relaxed and calm in your mind and body

Re connect you with your own inner resources

Provided with expert holistic advice about lifestyle, nutrition and coping skills where relevant

Transform the limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back

Learn helpful and practical life skills

To smile again and get you back on the right track!

Find out more about hypnosis, EFT and hypnotherapy on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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