Are you exhausted of feeling anxious about feeling anxious? Have you had enough of…
  • Living in a constant sense of anticipation
  • Waiting for anxiety to strike at any moment
  • Never being able to relax
  • Waking up to that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach
  • Always being in a state of high alert
  • Thinking worst-case scenario

I visited Sara during a time in my life where I had undergone a lot of change which in turn resulted in a huge amount of anxiety for me. The anxiety I suffered was so bad that sometimes it was so difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. I wasn’t myself. My mind was constantly elsewhere, never in the present. I knew I didn’t have to go on feeling like this and wanted to do something to fix it so I went to see Sara. After 2 sessions with her I’d seen a massive improvement in my well being. Through EFT and hypnotherapy, she helped me to view the things I had been through and to view change in a more positive way and taught me ways to tackle my anxiety when ever it cropped up. I honestly cannot recommend what she does highly enough, the skills she has and her amazing personality made me feel at complete ease when around her and I cant thank her enough for her help. 

Living with anxiety is no fun at all. And waiting with trepidation for anxiety to appear is like waiting to go to war. You can breathe a sigh of relief because your days of suffering are over!
Feelings of anxiety are intense at the best of times. When you’re in a situation and you’re feeling anxious, the brain takes a snapshot and forms a memory. The next time the same or similar situation pops up your brain goes searching for past memories and bang. Your heart starts racing. Your chest feels tight. Your stomach is churning. Your body is flooded with adrenaline. You start to imagine all the things you think are going to go wrong. Feelings of anxiety can be debilitating so it’s natural you get anxious about being anxious. It’s like the fear of the fear.
Here’s the thing. When you’re faced with a situation that hasn’t happened yet, you have no idea how you’ll feel and act at the time.
But you start to project what you think you’ll feel like. You start thinking worst case scenario. You think that because you felt like this before, you’re going to feel like it again.
In a way, you’re hypnotising yourself! You want to feel calm, comfortable, relaxed and confident. Instead, your mind is thinking loads of anxious thoughts, which create anxious feelings. And you project this in your mind to the future event. Not only are you already feeling anxious. But you’re also feeling anxious about feeling anxious, a double whammy.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnosis is the gateway to your unconscious mind. You might not realise it, but you are operating from the unconscious mind around 95% of the time. Hypnosis gives access to the unconscious mind. Like a big storehouse of programmes, I’ll use hypnosis to change the way you think and feel. Using hypnosis I can also change how you behave and any beliefs which are holding you back.
Hypnotherapy for anxiety is a brilliant way to treat anxiety. Old doubts, fears, memories and insecurities are put to bed. When you change how you think and feel you see life from a whole new perspective.
I also love using EFT Tapping and my skills as a Coach and Solution Focused Psychotherapist. This allows me to work in a very bespoke way that’s perfect for you. 

How to book your anxiety treatment

You are already one step closer to waving goodbye to anxiety!
What’s the next step? If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the testimonials of people I’ve helped. When you read the testimonials or watch the videos you’ll hear how they have overcome anxiety. And you’ll get a good feel for how I work and how I’ll help you overcome anxiety.
When you book your free consultation I’ll spend time getting to know you and what’s going on for you. I’ll also use this time to help you understand what’s happening in your brain and body. I’ll explain the science behind how your mind works. Clients often tell me this is like breathing a big sigh of relief to know you are not an anxious person!
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