Emotional Freedom Technique | EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique | EFT

Having spent the weekend helping out on the emotional freedom technique training with Karl Dawson, emotional freedom technique master trainer and founder of Matrix re-imprinting, I was once again reminded of the sheer power the emotional freedom technique (EFT) has to create change in the mind and body.

I watched with a heart felt glow as students on the course learnt how this incredibly simple technique is used to tap into subconscious events that lay ‘unprocessed’ in the mind, which create adverse effects on peoples lives and then use EFT to tap away and process the events in a matter of minutes.

One student had witnessed his sister being hit by a car when he was only 10 years old.  Not only had he held onto this trauma in his subconscious mind, he had also spent his life blaming himself for what happened.  This had led him to create a belief that he didn’t deserve to be happy.  Imagine the effect of carrying around the enormity of emotions like guilt, helplessness and blame for over 30 years?  Not only that, but to develop these feelings at the tender age of 10?  The weight of these emotions had laid  heavily on his chest creating a feeling of tightness, only to be layered with the emotions of all the other events he had experienced through his life.

When we experience something which causes us to feel anything from blame, guilt, helplessness, anger, sadness, shame and so on we store these memories in our subconscious mind and unless we process them, they will keep triggering throughout our lives.  In our early days of growing up, we also form our core beliefs by making subconscious decisions about ourselves and the world.  These decisions are formed in a split second and then like a computer that runs the software which is installed within it, these beliefs run our day to day lives.  A child being shouted at by a parent and told they were stupid,  will for example, form the belief that they are stupid and then spend the rest of their life not only subconsciously looking for evidence that they are stupid, but also by attracting and creating situations to run that belief over and over again.  Have you ever wondered by you keep attracting the same situations or people to you?

Change Your Life

In the case of the student, we started to tap into the feeling of tightness in his chest which quickly led us to the memory of the car accident involving his sister.  By continuing to use EFT we not only processed the memory in his brain, but also processed all the emotion attached to it so that he came to a place of resolution.  We did this in less than one hour.  He released all the blame and feelings of being helpless together with all the old beliefs he had formed in that moment about himself and for the first time in his life he felt a lightness in his chest he had never felt before, so much so it felt alien to him.

This is just one story among the thousands of others of how EFT is being used to change peoples lives.  The conscious part of you isn’t going to change the mainframe which is controlling around 98% of your day, it needs to be done at a sub conscious level.  Take a moment now and consider who has written on your walls as you grew up.  Teachers? Parents? Siblings? Grandparents? School bullies?  You may be over 40 years old now, yet are still that 6 year old child trapped in a memory in which you had upset Mummy one day on the way to school and which caused you, in a spit second, to form a subconscious decision that you aren’t lovable.  Now at the age of 42 you still find yourself single and wonder why you can’t seem to remain in a relationship for long…….

EFT slices through memories, feelings and beliefs in a way that no other therapy can.  Not only does it deliver fast and life changing results, but it can also be taught to clients so that they are empowered to be part of their own healing journey.

EFT Head

As Gary Craig, founder of EFT said ‘try it on everything!’.  Take a moment to think about what area of your life isn’t working as well as you would like.  It may be relationships, or lack of them; money (usually lack of it!); work; family (or unable to get pregnant) your body image or eating habits or even your health.  What would life be like if you could change those parts of your life that aren’t working, so that they do work?  How would life be different for you?  How would it feel if those parts of your life ‘magically’ started working better?

You can be one of the millions of people who are waking up to this incredible technique and using it to resolve almost any health problem, negative thought pattern, emotional issue or destructive behaviour or addiction.

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