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Business Coaching

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If you want to create wealth, it is imperative that you believe that you are at the steering wheel of life, especially your financial life.
— T. Harv Eker

I’m guessing that when you made the courageous leap to running your own business you did so with great gusto?

Perhaps you had a vision in your mind of making good money doing what you love, being your own boss and creating a better work life balance for yourself?

Do you still have the same passion, energy and belief? Or has some of it taken an unscheduled holiday?

Has reality snuck in and taken up residence along with doubt and fear?

Or are you simply feeling overwhelmed wondering if you have made the right choice or whether you should go back to the world of 9 – 5?

Rest assured, you are not alone.

Running your own business can be like a roller coaster. There is the sense of anticipation, the thrill, the scary bits, feeling like your world has been turned up side down, oh and the screaming!

I totally resonate with that!

I left behind a 12 year career in Human Resources to set up my own private practice and training company. It was a massive leap of faith, one that has paid off in so many ways. But it hasn’t been all plain sailing.

In the early days of running my own business, I can recall waking up in the night gripped with fear. I used to look at my calendar and freak out if it wasn’t filled with clients. I had placed huge expectations on myself about making my business a success because I had a fear of failure.

Thankfully I quickly identified that the key to success was a) being kind to myself b) recognising what I had achieved and not focusing on what I hadn’t c) finding a tribe of like minded entrepreneurs and last but not least, d) investing in myself and learning about how to run a business.

Since then I have continuously invested in self-development, business coaching, business seminars, and read more books than you can shake a stick at on building a successful business.

I also knew to be a leader in my field; I needed a mind set to match.

There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind set to enable you to;

  • Free yourself of limiting beliefs about you and your business potential
  • Remove the fear of failure (and the fear of success!)
  • Manifest opportunities and people to grow your business
  • Drastically improve your relationship with money
  • Remove any unconscious blocks to making more money
  • Gain clarity on the direction of your business
  • Build your self confidence and step into your personal power

Successful people don’t find the need to be a victim, blame others or spend the night worrying about money because they are too busy running a successful business!.

Transform your mind set and you will begin to attract opportunities, overcome challenges and reignite the passion for what you do.

Business coaching and mentoring

If you are ready to transform your mindset, your business, attract more clients and improve your financial success get in touch and take a stop closer to your future.

I have my own network marketing business and before Saras Programme Your Mind for Success workshop I was frustrated that the negative thoughts I had about myself were holding me back from moving my business forward. Sara created such a relaxed environment that the whole group didn’t feel afraid to share their thoughts and ideas. Throughout the workshop I got clear on what my vision for the future was, and what the negative thoughts were that were holding me back. I came away from the session with several powerful tools to help me push through my negativity & become more congruent with my desires for my business. I gained so much from this morning of training that I would highly recommend it to others who want to move their businesses forward, in fact, I already have!
Fran O’Brien, Arbonne

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being my mentor this year and for our monthly meetings.  It was so wonderful being able to ask you questions and get such wonderful professional support from you.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without your reassurance, challenging me and facilitating such wonderful moments of reflection.  My journey towards working with clients would have been a much steeper climb without you.  I’ll be sure to remember our many conversations and as they have already served me well, I am sure they will continue to in the future.
Jeanine, Performance Coach

to make your appointment call 07738 672 291