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Have you ever noticed how people love to tell their stories?  Particularly the ones about what is going wrong in their life?  More importantly, have you ever taken note of the stories you are telling and what your stories are attracting into your life? I will never forget being sat next

I have just discovered that Michael Ball was seen recently on Loose Women, the day time chat show, demonstrating how tapping on his acupressure points gives him emotional freedom from pre-performance nerves.  Just one more celebrity in a long line of celebrities who are using tapping (emotional freedom technique) to

Having spent the weekend helping out on the emotional freedom technique training with Karl Dawson, emotional freedom technique master trainer and founder of Matrix re-imprinting, I was once again reminded of the sheer power the emotional freedom technique (EFT) has to create change in the mind and body. I watched with

Every day as a therapist I get to work with clients at dissolving the false beliefs they hold about themselves, their potential and what limits they are really capable of reaching.  Many people don’t really know how they can truly shine because they remain within their own comfort zone.  However

Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder Stepping out of the door this morning my breath was taken away by a cold blast of air as the wind whipped round the corner and hit me.  Yet there is something special about those crisp, cold winter days when you can wrap up warm and

We have all experienced stress at some point in our lives.  Stress is part of our survival mechanism and without it we wouldn't be here.  It triggers our senses to alert us to what is dangerous and what isn't,  when we need to stay and fight and when we need to run like

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often a term used to describe veterans of war.  Yet PTSD can develop after any experience where the brain struggles to process the memory of what happened particularly trauma at birth. Cases where PTSD can develop may not on the surface appear ‘traumatic’ yet if