10 things you didn’t know about EFT Tapping

10 things you didn’t know about EFT Tapping

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, Tapping Therapy, Emotional Freedom Tapping – whatever you call it this incredible energy technique is taking the world by storm and when you read what tapping can do for you, you will understand why!

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about EFT Tapping…

1.  Tapping instantly calms you down

When you are stressed, your central nervous system switches to the sympathetic side, leading you to produce high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Tapping on the acupressure points sends an electro chemical message to the brain to calm down, switching the central nervous system over to the parasympathetic side – the relaxation response. The result – creating a sense of calm often in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

2.  Tapping for anxiety  Ashley Whitlatch 615530 Unsplash 240x300

Tapping for anxiety soothes the central nervous system and helps to release trigger for what is making you anxious – which is generally a thought. Tapping on anxiety can be done in the moment to calm down the mind and body, or be used to treat anxiety disorders such as generalised anxiety, panic attacks and ptsd.

3.  EFT tapping dissolves pain

More often than not, pain has started with the stress response in the body and therefore pain has an underlying emotional link to it.  Tapping not only releases the pain, but also releases endorphin, the bodies’ natural pain killer.  Studies have shown that EFT alone achieves pain relief far beyond that found in a jar of pills.

4.  Tapping reduces stress levels

When you get stressed, the body produces excess levels of cortisol.  The brain doesn’t know the difference between real and perceived stress so when any feeling of stress comes on, the body gets ready to fight or flight.  Tapping for stress significantly decreases cortisol levels, allowing you to feel calmer, more relaxed and in control.

5.  EFT for weight loss

That’s right, if you want to shift those pounds, get tapping!  Tapping can be used to tackle cravings; transform limiting beliefs about your weight and body; stop self sabotage and tackle the emotional reasons behind binging and comfort eating.

6.  Tapping for children

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Children of a young age are all about emotion because they don’t have the cognitive ability to work through things in their mind or reframe what’s going on for them. Tapping is an amazing technique to use with children and is easy to make fun.  You can also teach children to tap on themselves so that they have something they can turn to when they need to soothe themselves.

7.  Tapping for fears and phobias

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2003 showed that one EFT tapping session with 35 participants was enough to demonstrate a significant decrease in specific phobias, for example, the phobia of spiders, when compared to conventional treatments. In follow-up tests 6 to 9 months later, those who had experienced tapping reported even better improvements.

8.  EFT positively modifies your DNA

A study conducted by the Heartmath Institute showed that when a person evoked strong positive emotions like love and appreciation through practices like EFT, their DNA unwound and increased in length. Negative emotions, on the other hand, caused strands of their DNA to shorten and in some cases disappear. In other words, working with your emotions allows you to change your genetic make-up and your life.

9.  EFT dramatically alleviates Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A study published in 2005 examined the effects of EFT tapping on people who had been involved in car accidents and were displaying post traumatic stress symptoms such as flash backs, nightmares, panic attacks and anxiety.  Results demonstrated that tapping therapy had diminished these symptoms.

10.  Tapping significantly reduces depression

In a Swedish study, fibromyalgia patients who were given tapping exercises reported a 29% improvement in depression symptoms within just 8 weeks.  Where anti depressants mask the problem, tapping extinguishes a dysfunctional conditioned response and deals with the symptoms of depression such as irritable mood, loss of interest in activities and lack of motivation achieving results that cannot be accomplished through conventional treatment.


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