10 things you didn’t know about EFT Tapping

10 things you didn’t know about EFT Tapping

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, EFT Tapping Therapy, Emotional Freedom Tapping – however you choose to describe this incredible energy technique is a game changer!.

I first discovered EFT Tapping in 2011 when studying Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.  I went on to train in EFT Tapping at levels 1, 2 and 3 and have even gone on to deliver training courses to people about how to use Tapping to transform your mindset.

When you read what EFT Tapping can do for you, you will understand why!  Even better, you will find plenty of my EFT videos uploaded onto my youtube channel, where I guide you on how to use EFT Tapping for different issues.  Hop onto one of the videos and start tapping along!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About EFT Tapping

1.  EFT Tapping calms down the mind in minutes

When stress occurs, your central nervous system shifts towards the sympathetic side, resulting in the production of elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Applying pressure to specific acupressure points sends an electrochemical signal to the brain, prompting it to transition towards the parasympathetic side, triggering the relaxation response. The outcome is the cultivation of a profound sense of calm, often achieved in a shorter time than it takes to brew a cup of tea.

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Utilising EFT tapping techniques to address anxiety has the dual effect of calming the central nervous system and addressing the underlying triggers of anxiety, typically rooted in thoughts. EFT Tapping can be employed either in real-time to alleviate immediate anxiety or as a therapeutic approach for managing anxiety disorders, including generalised anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD.

3.  EFT Tapping dissolves pain

Frequently, pain originates from the body’s stress response, implying an emotional connection to pain. EFT Tapping serves to not only alleviate the pain but also triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-relieving compounds. Research indicates that EFT Tapping, on its own, can deliver pain relief that surpasses the effects of conventional pain medication.

4.  EFT Tapping reduces stress levels

When stress sets in, the body generates elevated amounts of cortisol. Remarkably, the brain cannot distinguish between real and perceived stress, so when any stress sensation arises, the body prepares for a fight-or-flight response. Engaging in EFT tapping to address stress has been shown to substantially reduce cortisol levels, promoting a sense of calm, relaxation, and regained control.

5.  EFT Tapping for weight loss

Indeed, if you’re aiming to shed those extra pounds, consider tapping as a valuable tool! EFT Tapping can be effectively employed to combat cravings, reshape limiting beliefs related to your weight and body, put an end to self-sabotage, and address the emotional factors contributing to binge eating and comfort food consumption.

6.  EFT Tapping for children

Young children primarily navigate their world through emotions, as their cognitive abilities are still developing, making it challenging for them to process or reframe their experiences mentally. EFT Tapping emerges as an incredible technique when working with children, and it can be made enjoyable. Additionally, teaching children how to tap on themselves provides them with a valuable self-soothing tool they can use whenever they need to comfort themselves.

7.  EFT Tapping for fears and phobias

A study featured in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2003 revealed that a single EFT tapping session involving 35 participants led to a noteworthy reduction in specific phobias, such as the fear of spiders, surpassing the outcomes of conventional treatments. Remarkably, during follow-up assessments conducted 6 to 9 months later, individuals who had undergone tapping reported sustained and even more substantial improvements.

EFT Tapping

8.  EFT Tapping positively modifies your DNA

Research conducted by the HeartMath Institute demonstrated that when individuals evoked powerful positive emotions, such as love and appreciation, using techniques like EFT Tapping Therapy, their DNA experienced unwinding and an increase in length. Conversely, negative emotions were observed to lead to the shortening and, in certain instances, disappearance of DNA strands. In essence, this suggests that managing one’s emotions can potentially bring about alterations in their genetic composition and have a transformative impact on their life.

9.  EFT Tapping dramatically alleviates Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In a study published in 2005, researchers investigated the impact of EFT Tapping Therapy on individuals who had experienced car accidents and were exhibiting post-traumatic stress symptoms, including flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, and anxiety. The findings revealed that EFT tapping therapy had effectively reduced these symptoms. Additionally, I have personally assisted numerous clients in overcoming trauma, PTSD, and CPTSD by employing EFT tapping therapy in my practice.

10.  EFT Tapping significantly reduces depression

In a Swedish study, individuals with fibromyalgia who engaged in EFT tapping exercises reported a remarkable 29% improvement in their depression symptoms within a mere 8 weeks. Unlike antidepressants, which may merely mask the problem, tapping addresses and effectively extinguishes dysfunctional conditioned responses, addressing specific symptoms of depression such as irritability, loss of interest in activities, and lack of motivation. This approach achieves results that often surpass those attainable through conventional treatments.

Don’t take my word for it! Head on over to my youtube channel, where you can experience EFT Tapping for yourself!

Want to dive deeper into the world of EFT Tapping and energy psychology and learn how they can help you? 

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