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Resilience and Wellbeing Training

What would it be like if the help and support you were looking for was provided in your place of work?

How great would it be for you to receive regular training at work either face to face or via webinars on the things you needed to keep mentally, emotionally and physically fit and well?

With a background in Human Resources for some of the UK’s leading brands, I started to make the link between what was really needed to help people perform well when I began to study Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

Having worked with hundreds of people 1 – 1, I also recognise that if they had been given access to the knowledge, tools and resources needed to build resilience and get the best from the mind and body, they may not have needed help in the first place.

That’s when The Mind Solution was created.

The Mind Solution is a training consultancy that specialises in wellbeing and resilience for employees.

The areas The Mind Solution provide help and support to employers is:

To find out how The Mind Solution can help you, your colleagues and your organisation in the field of wellbeing and resilience training contact us at or on the contact details on this website.


“Through Sara and Jill, I wanted to help my team thrive at work.  My aim is for my team to improve their own understanding and give them tools and techniques to improve their personal resilience at work (and out). I am enthused by their energy and awareness of the commercial world and the impact negative stress has in the workplace and attending the event has helped the team to recognise how they think changes the way they feel at work” Nikki Perry, HR Manager, Domestic and General domesticAndGeneralLogo