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Hypnotherapy Edinburgh | Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

What type of anxiety have you got?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?  
  • Do certain situations make you feel more anxious?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?  
  • Do you have coping mechanisms to help you deal with certain events and situations?  
  • Do you worry and fret a lot?  
  • Have you forgotten what it’s like to feel calm and in control?  

Then you have some form of anxiety.

You don’t need to know what form of anxiety you have for it to be treated – that’s my job to diagnose.

 How can you help me overcome anxiety?

  • There are different types of anxiety and I will help you see which one you have in your first session
  • To understand the cause of the anxiety
  • To understand how many sessions are needed to help you overcome anxiety
  • To work with an experienced professional who has treated hundreds of people with anxiety
  • To experience feeling calmer from the first session
  • To be taught different techniques to use to make you feel calmer and in control
  • To experience a variety of treatments including hypnosis and EFT to help you overcome anxiety

What do I need to do now?

Take the first step to gaining control over your life and call now to arrange an appointment.  We will discuss what support you need and arrange a session face to face  or via Skype.

Overcoming OCD and anxiety, Rachael

A recent job promotion caused my life-long feelings of anxiety to escalate to a point where I needed to get some help to cope with stress and to manage my reaction to it. I’m naturally guarded, was very unsure about hypnotherapy and had never heard of EFT. Sara made me feel comfortable and safe to open up. After just 2 sessions I have identified and accepted the real causes of my anxiety and I feel a big weight has been lifted. Sara is warm, caring, patient and very genuine. I’m so much better, calmer and happier, but most importantly, I’m still me. I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their life to see Sara; there is nothing to lose. Thank you Sara, I only wish I’d seen you years ago.

 Overcoming anxiety and boosting confidence, Maggie