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Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh |Providing professional, affordable hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

Do you resonate with this?

  • Have you ever tried to create change in yourself but have ended up going back to old ways of doing things?
  • Have you started a new way of living before but a few weeks down the line you have all but forgotten about your goals and intentions?
  • Do you find creating change in the way you think, feel or behave is just too hard at times?
  • Do you sometimes feel that your thoughts are thinking you?
  • Do you wish there was an easier was to create the change you long for?

Rest assured you are not alone!

The reason change is difficult to create on your own is because your unconscious mind controls around 90% of your behaviours, thoughts, emotional responses and beliefs.  Therefore in order to change anything about the way you act and lay down new patterns of behaviour, you have to work with the unconscious mind.

Think of your mind and brain operating like the mainframe of a computer. In order for the computer to run a different programme, you have to give it a new piece of software.

The way we achieve this is through hypnotherapy.

Listen to how hypnosis and EFT helped Faith overcome her anxiety and develop her confidence at work…

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