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Business Mentoring and coaching

If you want to create wealth, it is imperative that you believe that you are at the steering wheel of life, especially your financial life.

— T. Harv Eker

I’m guessing that when you made the courageous leap to running your own business you did so with great gusto?

Perhaps you had a vision in your mind of making good money doing what you love, being your own boss and creating a better work life balance for yourself?

Maybe as you set off on your journey passion was slowly replaced by fear? Perhaps reality snuck in along with doubts and worries about how you were going to make your business a success? Like many business owners like you, you may have experienced feeling lost, overwhelmed or on your own?

I totally resonate with that!  Having set up 2 highly successful clinics in Brighton and Edinburgh and an international corporate wellbeing company, I quickly grasped that the key to continued success was investing in myself.

Since 2009 I have continuously invested in self development, business coaching, business seminars, and read more books on building a successful business than you can shake a stick at.  That alone however wasn’t enough to create the success I was looking for. 

I knew to be a leader in my field, I needed to transform my mindset.

There is nothing more powerful than a changed mindset to enable you to;

  • Free yourself of limiting beliefs around you and your business potential
  • Drastically improve your relationship with money
  • Remove any unconscious blocks to making more money
  • Gain clarity on the direction of your business
  • Build your self confidence and step into your personal power

Successful people don’t find the need to be a victim, blame others or spend the night worrying about money because they are too busy running a successful business!. Transform your mindset and you will begin to see opportunity, overcome challenges and reignite the passion for what you do.

Business coaching and mentoring

If you are ready to transform your mindset, your business, attract more clients and improve your financial success please get in touch so we can discuss your next steps.

I have my own network marketing business and before Saras Programme Your Mind for Success workshop I was frustrated that the negative thoughts I had about myself were holding me back from moving my business forward. Sara created such a relaxed environment that the whole group didn’t feel afraid to share their thoughts and ideas. Throughout the workshop I got clear on what my vision for the future was, and what the negative thoughts were that we
re holding me back. I came away from the session with several powerful tools to help me push through my negativity & become more congruent with my desires for my business. I gained so much from this morning of training that I would highly recommend it to others who want to move their businesses forward, in fact, I already have! Fran O’Brien, Arbonne

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being my mentor this year and for our monthly meetings.  It was so wonderful being able to ask you questions and get such wonderful professional support from you.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without your reassurance, challenging me and facilitating such wonderful moments of reflection.  My journey towards working with clients would have been a much steeper climb without you.  I’ll be sure to remember our many conversations and as they have already served me well, I am sure they will continue to in the future.  Jeanine, Performance Coach

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Sara and would definitely recommend it. I think it is so valuable to take the time to focus on what you want and what might be holding you back. Sara is great to work with and I found her delivery professional, approachable, open and honest. As a trainer she has a very therapeutic voice and excellent at taking you through guided meditation. You can tell she has spent time training in hypnotherapy as her soft tone is very relaxing and easy to allow yourself to fall into your imagination. A half day is just a glimpse of what Sara can cover and gives you the chance to discover what areas you would benefit going deeper into. A great taster and well put together with the advantage of take away notes.’ Valerie, Coach

“Great session with Sara on Programming Your Mind For Success. Insightful, well delivered and practical suggestions for everyday life. If you are looking to broaden your personal development and set goals towards achieving success, however you may define that, then this is for you”, Cate Nelson-Shaw, yellowbookconsulting

I had known Sara for quite some time through networking events in Edinburgh, before I got the chance to attend the Programme Your Mind for Success course.
I didn’t have a specific goal when I signed up to the course beyond a general feeling that I wasn’t feeling happy or being particularly productive
Sara covered a range of techniques on the course, which had an immediate effect on my productivity and sense of wellbeing.
The first that really stood out was how you can use the power of your mind to train yourself to sleep better. I was able to tackle the problem that I had been having with my sleep patterns, which I’m happy to say have not returned despite the stresses of running my business.
The second stand out technique, I have continued to use on and off over the last 6 months to plan and resolve a range issues, involves moving back and forth between two points to work through the challenges and subsequent solutions.
The great thing about the range of techniques on the course was that they could be applied to lots of different situations.
I can’t recommend the Programme Your Mind for Success course highly enough.  Claire Watson, Photographer