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Why can’t I sleep at night?

by Sara Maude on April 10, 2012

in Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

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Find you can’t sleep at night?

We need to be well to sleep well, and if we are not sleeping through the night, we are not able to function properly. It can feel like being locked in catch 22 situation.

There are lots of sleep remedies you can try to help you sleep at night, some of which have been outlined below.  If you find you can’t sleep at night or have trouble sleeping through the night then consider the following sleep hygiene principles to rock you into the land of nod.


When you go to sleep, your body takes over and does all its housekeeping. The liver processes the days waste; the digestion tract processes food; any toxins are processed; new cells and chemicals are produced. Eating food before bed that converts to glucose quickly such as processed food, chocolate, alcohol, white breads, pasta and rice puts the body under additional strain. The blood sugar levels in the body rise as food is converted into sugar which can disturb sleep. Eating late and heavy meals will not help in aiding good quality restful nights sleep. Opt instead of light meals and try to eat at least 3 hours before going to sleep.


A few alcoholic drinks may help some people to drift off to sleep, but alcohol is high in sugar which is a stimulus for the body. The liver processes alcohol between the hours of 2.00am and 4.00am. Drinking too many alcoholic drinks before bedtime, puts the liver under pressure as it processes the toxins and glucose in the body. We do not have to live a life of solitude, but for those that have sleep problems, cutting out alcohol for a few weeks, or limiting alcohol to a few drinks at the weekend will help the body get a restful night.

Too much stimulation before bed

Lots of clients tell me that in order to fall asleep they need to be engaged in playing computer games or watching TV prior to going to bed, both of which are big stimulants for the mind. Try reading a book or a magazine instead or listening to some relaxing music. Meditation is a great way to calm the conscious mind down than other forms of relaxation, making it much easier to drift into a sound sleep.

Worry and rumination

One of the key reasons behind sleepless nights is rumination. This is where we allow thoughts to hijack our mind and go round and round like a broken record. Thoughts create a level of emotion in us and any unresolved emotion will be dreamed out by the dreaming brain. High levels of anxiety and rumination will cause us to dream more than usual. When we are dreaming we are in paradoxical sleep which means we are as conscious as your are when you are awake, which is the reason you awake and still feel exhausted.

Sleep remedies;

  • Write down what is bothering you on a piece of paper before you go to sleep and put it in a draw. It helps to get the thoughts out of your mind
  • Write down all the things you need to do the next day so you aren’t thinking of them when trying to sleep
  • Have a warm relaxing bath before bed – try adding a few drops of lavendar oil for extra effect
  • Listen to some soothing and relaxing music before bed and avoid stimulation in the form of TV
  • Listen to a hypnotic download or a mindful meditation download
  • Doing as little as 5 – 10 minutes meditation will calm down the mind
  • Do some light yoga
  • Reading something light
  • If you can not sleep get up

Should you find that having followed the advice in this blog you are still experiencing problems getting to sleep, sleeping through the night or waking up early then contact me to find out how hypnotherapy can re programme your unconscious mind to aid restful sleep.




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